Welcome To On The Avenue Home Decor & Gifts. Years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a very old home and needed a lot of tender love and care. I had the vision of what I wanted and my husband was able to help me bring it to life. As we began building and creating items for our home, we had another idea..... What if we started our own business and offered our creations to others who share the same love and passion for decorating as we do. Here we are, 17 years later, sharing our creations and designs with friends everywhere.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome To On The Avenue's New Blog

I told my husband over ten years ago I wanted to be a stay at home mother and also own my own business. He has been my biggest supporter and is now my full-time sweetheart and business partner. Needless to say we have spent many, many hours together and when I think about what has come from it, I am amazed. We started with a business called Just You & Me - Home Decor & Custom Design when my oldest son was just a baby. After years of hard work building and designing, having and raising three children and falling deeper in love, we finally purchased our first retail store at the first of 2008. The store is called On The Avenue. While talking with my sister she asked me why we didn't have a blog. I started thinking.... "Why Don't We Have A Blog?" - So here we are. We will be updating and changing this blog constantly as we are always designing new items for the holidays, for the seasons and also every day. We have wonderful home decor items along with fantastic gifts. If you live in or close to Logan, we would love to have you visit our store. It is a wonderful place and we have very friendly employees who are there to help. Our address is 34 Federal Avenue in Logan. If you aren't close to Logan, please email us with any questions or orders you may have at www.ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com - Please check out our other website at http://www.justyouandmehomedecor.com/ - we look forward to working with each of you and thanks for taking time to check out our blog. Thanks Again & Enjoy!Sincerely,Mandy -Owner - On The Avenue

Holiday/Seasonal Change Out Board

Wow - This item has done Very Well!!!
We have different sets for all four
seasons and also all the holidays.
Watch for upcoming pictures of
all kits that are available.
Board Size - 24" Long X 12" Tall
Retail - Boards are $17.99
Holiday/Seasonal Kits are $17.99

Square Wreath With Seasonal Insert

Valentines Day Wreath/Insert
Once you purchase the wreath -
just buy the insert and change out
during the year!!!

Easter Insert
Spring Insert
St. Patrick's Day Insert
4th Of July Insert

The Wreath Is 16"X16" Over All Dimension
Your first wreath & insert is $30.99.
All other inserts are $17.99.
Square Wreaths are $12.99.