Welcome To On The Avenue Home Decor & Gifts. Years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a very old home and needed a lot of tender love and care. I had the vision of what I wanted and my husband was able to help me bring it to life. As we began building and creating items for our home, we had another idea..... What if we started our own business and offered our creations to others who share the same love and passion for decorating as we do. Here we are, 17 years later, sharing our creations and designs with friends everywhere.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Fun Ideas!!

I decided to change a couple things in my kitchen. These are very simple ideas and will not cost much! I mentioned in yesterday's post that we were designing and building new pieces of furniture. This bookcase is one of them. I thought they were so cute, I just had to take one for my kitchen. I used items that were already in my home, to decorate the shelves. Because it is in my kitchen, I used some darling bowls, a fun cookbook and some primitive rustic houses. I accented it with a darling wreath that has sunflowers. It accents the colors in my kitchen very well. The over all dimension for this book case is 48" Tall X 24" Wide X 12" Deep - Retail Price: $119.99. This is a really great deal.

I changed the vinyl sayings on my walls. Remember, we offer custom wall vinyl here in the store. It is not expensive and can add so much to a room. Choose your own sayings, choose the font you would like and also the color.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ready For Something New?

Every year around this time, I start wanting a new, fresh look in our house! Many of you who know us, know that we have an older, smaller home. We have been here almost 13 years and truly love where we are. The neighbors, friends & ward are incredible. We have made so many memories here and look forward to so many more. However, as the kids are growing, the house seems to be shrinking. We did a major basement cleaning this past weekend and threw away a lot of junk! What a great feeling! But the more I do, the more I want done! It started me thinking about what I can do in my own home that doesn't cost a fortune and doesn't take a lot of time. As most decorators will tell you, changing the paint color in a room is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to change the look of a room. I am pretty sure my bathroom has changed colors 4-5 times since we moved here a few years ago. I love re-painting!! It gives a fresh look! I have a dear friend who is so talented. She is going to help me texture my walls and I am so excited for that. She tells me it is very inexpensive and easy - Oh... I hope she is right - Thanks Anjanette! I really think most of us have felt the impact of the economy in one way or another. We definitely have, and have watched others experience this also. So I started thinking... what can all of us homemakers do to add a little to our homes. Something that makes your heart beat a little quicker when you walk into the room after a good nights sleep. Being somewhat surprised because you were expecting that same look you have had for a while. (I know you have all experienced that - I have!) We are currently designing and building new furniture pieces. Tables, benches, bookcases and so much more. Items that most everyone can afford. Sometimes adding one new item into your home makes all the difference. I find myself moving a lot of my decor from room to room so I can have that fresh new look. Black is still a very popular color. We have other colors that can accent most homes. Antique White, Cream, Barn Red, Burnt Umber Brown and so many more. We have stain and glaze finishes. Don't forget our custom work. If you see an item you like, but want it a different size or color - that is not a problem!! Sign up as a follower of our blog and share our fun with your friends. Also, please leave comments! We would love to know what you think. If you have something you would like us to design, let us know. We truly appreciate each of you for spending time with us. Have a wonderful day!

Fabric Covered Magnet Boards

We designed these for a little girl's room. In fact, my daughter has already taken one into her room. You should see the assortment of home decor she has in there. Everytime we make something new, she has to have one. My husband and I were laughing the other night about all the mis-matched items she has in there. She is great! The over all dimesion of these magnet boards is 20"X20". The metal size is 16"x16" which gives a lot of room for pictures. We have added our darling heart and circle wood ornaments. The fun large furniture knob at the top is great for hanging neclaces or bracelets on. Retail Price Is: $31.99.

Magnet Boards

The pictures below are some of our single 5X7 magnet boards. They come with fabric on the metal or the metal itself. Some of these boards have cute ribbon hangers. Some of them do not - they would be great for setting on a easel. The board dimension is 12"X12" and they retail for $19.99. These would be a great Valentine's Day Gift. You can customize it with your own family name. Great for Wedding Gifts.

Magnet Boards

We always have friends looking for magnet boards. The options are endless with our abilities to build all sizes you may be interested in. We have built so many different sizes, some with frames, some without, round frames with ledges, & scalloped edges. We have recently designed a new line using fabric. Add Image These are much cuter in person than in these pictures. They have a metal scroll, ribbon, vinyl saying & fabric covered metal. The boards with three pieces of metal are 24" Tall (not including scroll) X 10" Wide - Retail $28.99

Friday, January 15, 2010

SALE!! Friday & Saturday!

Hello Friends! So today is my darling husband's birthday! So, I thought we would have a sale on all our Valentien's Day Decor to celebrate! Great Idea??? I thought so! Just wanted to let you know about our Sale THIS WEEKEND! All Non-Consignment Valentine's Day Decor is 25% off Today and Tomorrow (Friday & Saturday). Enter your name into our drawing for a free Valentine's Day item. Our store hours are from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. We have a great selection!! Look through the previous posts for some fun ideas. We have some new designs that have been coming in daily. If you are not here local and would like an item shipped - contact us at the store - 435-753-1150 or email me www.ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com. We would love to ship to you. Have a Great Day!!! We can't wait to see you and Happy Birthday Honey!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Valentine's Day Idea

This is another design we came up with. This is a 16X16 Knob board. We have routed lines into it, which creates a unique look. There is a large furniture knob at the top for hanging items from. Because it is Valentine's day, we hung a heart from it. Hearts are available in the store, however it would be darling to hang a frame or wreath. The boards are available in Red at this time. If you would like another color, let us know! We have a great color selection.
Add Image

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wreath Frames

We have made these for a while now and they are still a favorite. The over all dimensions are 24X24 with a 3.5" border. Beadboard is attached in the back with the darling knob at the top. We have twig & berry wreaths in the store now that display beautifully on these frames. Change out the ribbon for each holiday. As you can see we have a Valentine's Day Ribbon attached to this wreath! Easy and Fun! We have Deep Red, Black, Cream & Antique White now available in the store. All edges are distressed which give it that rustic look. If you need another color or do not want it distressed, no problem! - Retail: $24.99

Share The Love -

Come on into the store and take a look at all the great Valentine's Day items we have. They are all marked at a great price. We will be bringing in new items almost daily! Keep checking in, but don't wait too long. Things seem to disappear pretty quick around here! Have a wonderful day - and....... do something good for someone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Toppers, Wreath Inserts & Trio Sets Are Now In!

The Valentine's Day Toppers Are In Retail: $35.00 - Includes topper & sign. If you would like one, please contact the store and we can set one aside for you! The Trio Sets & Wreath Inserts are also in!

Happy "Wintery" Valentines Day?

I was in the store working today and we had a couple ladies ask us for Snowmen. Usually we are done with snowmen by this time, but we decided to post some fun snowman items that have hearts - which can tie into Valentines Day also. If you are interested in any of these items, please let us know. We would love to make them for you quickly.

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a few more items available in the store.
If you don't find the item or items you are looking
for, please let us know. We make almost everything
in the store and would love to make it for you!!