Welcome To On The Avenue Home Decor & Gifts. Years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a very old home and needed a lot of tender love and care. I had the vision of what I wanted and my husband was able to help me bring it to life. As we began building and creating items for our home, we had another idea..... What if we started our own business and offered our creations to others who share the same love and passion for decorating as we do. Here we are, 17 years later, sharing our creations and designs with friends everywhere.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something Fun....

This is a FANTASTIC Rocking Chair I found at a thrift store.... Cool Huh??
I couldn't wait to get home and re-finish it. After a few hours of sanding, spraying and distressing - I have a beautiful rocking chair in my front room. And of course, one of Linda Hansen's quilts finishes it off! Thanks Linda -
Just a tip for each of you.... Always think outside the box.
There are so many great things we can do in our homes that personalize them to our families.
We have already spent many hours in this rocking chair!
Enter our drawing for the free
Betsy Ross Sign.
For Details - please see my previous post.
Thanks - Have a Great Day!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Weekly Drawing
In the store we had a weekly drawing and we want to continue with this because it was such a great success!!! The item for this week is the
Betsy Ross Flag Co., Sign.
Dimensions: 24"X16"
Retail Value: $29.00
This would be darling in a porch display..... just a thought!

If you would like your name entered into the drawing this week, please leave a message in the comment section. If you would like to be a follower of our blog - please sign up. We will have special sales and items just for our blog followers. You are also welcome to enter our drawing by sending your name and phone number to my email address at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com

We will post the winner Tuesday, June 1st. Please keep checking our blog frequently. We have some great things planned for the summer months (if they ever get here). Thanks to each of you!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Signs

Summer Signs
We have a great assortment of Summer Signs.
They have a fabric handle for hanging.
Retail: $24.00
It is hard to see in this picture, but I have this sign hanging on a spindle on the top of my bench.
We make this type of sign for all seasons and holidays. I love to hang them on the top of a chair over a twig wreath. There are so many different ideas. These also match our summer Trio Kits, Post Toppers and Wreath Inserts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Porch Decorating

We have an old home with a "Big Front Porch". It is really fun to decorate!! I have created this setting right by my front door to welcome our friends and family. We started with a round black table and a high back chair. Both painted black and distressed. Yes, we built the table and chair.
I added potted flowers, birdhouses, a family name plaque, twig & berry wreaths & a big barn star. My little Chlo Bug and her dad built the red birdhouse. It has a small area in the front for birdseed, and yes the birds found it!! Decorating a porch does not have to be hard. If you are having a hard time deciding what to do, let us know. We have built several different styles of tables, chairs & benches for outdoor decor.
We built this one for a good friend of ours. I have notices she has added outdoor pillows on it. It would be a great idea to change the pillow colors for the different seasons. Another thing to think about would be hanging a twig wreath in the center of the beadboard backing. Very Cool!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just An Idea.......

We found this old headboard at a thrift store and built it into a bench. Isn't it darling? Every once in a while, Eric will build something just for me.... and this was one of those fun things! I have displayed a quilt, one of my roosters (love them) a pillow and a darling picture of my kiddo's (Love them more). Just a fun thing I thought I would share.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Quilted Bear In Ogden, Utah

As I have mentioned before, we are now selling our product in the Quilted Bear In Ogden. This is just a picture of our booth which shows some of the fun product we are making right now. If you are in the Ogden area - stop by Quilted Bear and find our booth. We have some
Great Summer Items!!! If you are here in Cache Valley or other areas and would like to order any of these products, please call me at 435-755-8471 or email me your order at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com
Items Shown In Our Booth - Order Now
We have our Summer Toppers - $35.00
Posts - Available in White & Black - $35.00
Summer Trio Kits - $19.00
Summer Wreath Inserts - $19.00
Lady Bug & Watermelon Yard Stakes - $28.00
Sunflower & Lady Bug Shutters - $28.00
Summer Ornament Signs - $23.00
Jumbo Sunflowers - $28.00
Square Wreaths - $12.00

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Americana Decor

Celebrate America!!
Here are a few items that we are now creating. I love to start decorating for the 4th of July at the beginning of June and leave it up through July. There are many different items to choose from. Great items to hang on a front door and items to place in a great Americana display on a front porch or in an entry way.
Triple Star Knob Board
Moss, Berries & A Fabric Handle
Dimensions: 16"X12"
Retail: $28.00
Betsy Ross Flag Co. -Sign
Dimensions: 24 Tall X16 Wide
Retail: $29.00
USA Jumbo Letters
Dimensions: 9" Tall X 7" Wide
Retail: $24.00
Star On Beadboard
Fabric Box, Moss & Berries
Dimensions: 10"X10"
Retail: $12.00
Triple Star Bead Box
Dimensions: 8" Tall X 16" Long
Moss & Berries Under The Stars
Fabric Handle for Hanging
Retail: $24.00
USA Block Set
Available in Red & Blue Paint
Dimensions: 4" Across X 6" Tall
Retail: $16.00
American Flag
Fabric Handle, Moss & Berries
Dimensions: 12" Long X 6" Tall
Retail: $15.00
Old Glory Sign w/Fabric Handle
Vinyl Lettering
Dimensions: 12" Long X 6" Tall
Suggested Retail: $12.00
Framed Star w/Berries & Moss
Fabric Handle
Dimensions: 10" Across X 12" Down
Retail: $20.00
One Nation Under God Sign
Dimensions: 24" Long X 12" Tall
Rustic Paint Job & Stained
Vinyl Lettering
Retail: $26.00
Star & Stripes Flag with Fabric Handle
Dimensions: 8" Tall X 16" Long
Moss & Berries add dimension
Retail: $24.00
To Place An Order:
Please call me at 435-755-8471
Or Email me at
We accept Visa & Master Card

Monday, May 10, 2010

Uncle Sam Toppers

Good Morning!
Thank you to each of you who came in to the store this past week. It was CRAZY!!! It was so much fun visiting with each of you. You are all so kind and concerned with my family and our well being. We are doing fine! We are very blessed and look forward to great things to come!
We are now making our 4th of July inventory and will be posting different items every day. This is our Uncle Sam Post Topper. He is one of my favorite toppers (I think I say that with most of them). I know many of you have already purchased our posts and toppers and will be anxious to have this one. Please call me at 435-755-8471 or email me at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com. We will add you to the order sheet and call you when it is done. The quicker you order yours, the quicker you will get it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This May Surprise You!!!

Wow, you just never know what the next day will bring!
Our family has some great opportunities before us and we are very excited to take them. Because of these great opportunities.... we will be closing our Logan
- On The Avenue - Store.
The only change is that On The Avenue (On Federal Avenue)
will no longer be open!
We are still making all of the great product that we have over the years. Our post toppers, wreath inserts, trio kits - everything- is still available. We will be updating our blog daily with new items and prices. If you would like to order, please email us or give us a call. Instead of picking up at the store, you will get to take the beautiful drive to Millville. Trust me, you won't mind - it is a beautiful place just a few miles south of Logan. Our product will also be available in many stores throughout Utah and Idaho.
We have our web-site -
that is in the process of being updated with a new product.
We will still be making furniture, shelves, magnetboards, frames, holiday decor and SO MUCH MORE! If you have any questions or would like information about ordering, please feel free to call me at 435-755-8471 or email me at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com.
We thank each of you for shopping in our store. I know I can speak for the previous owners who started On The Avenue many years ago, when I say - It has been a pleasure!! Getting to know so many of you is truly a blessing and we look forward to getting to know many more of you.
We will be having a HUGE MOTHER'S DAY/CLOSING SALE!!!
Wednesday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. We will close our doors when everything is gone. All of our product left in the store will be on sale. Many of our crafters are also lowering prices on their inventory. It is a great time to shop for Mother's Day. Thanks again and hope to see you this week!!!