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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Good Morning and Welcome To our Saturday's Post - ~Make Your House A Home~  
We love this post because we get to share fun things that ~Make Our House A Home~.  Last week I shared our kitchen chairs and the glider rocker that I re-did.  Today I have a couple quick projects that really added some fun to our home.  I have seen this idea on Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest) and wanted to try it myself.  I had this frame sitting on a shelf and decided to use it.  If you don't have an old frame, just buy an in-expensive frame anywhere.   I purchased  a roll of burlap at the craft store and cut it into strips.  

 Then I just started tying knots around the frame.  Super Easy!!!  Once I tied burlap around the entire frame, I adjusted each knot to add a fuller look.  

 Tadaa!!!  Here it is!!!   Then I had to find a place to put it......   
How about on the kitchen table.  I already had this centerpiece and decided to place it in the middle of the wreath.  
Super Stinkin' cute Huh???  
 Remember, there are many different colors of burlap.  I have seen red, orange, green, light tan and more.  Think of the possibilities!!!

I have also been working on one more small project.  I was able to do it in a couple hours (once the shopping part of it was done).  I absolutely love the transformation.  I have to be honest with all of you, this snow is getting a little depressing.  I am so anxious to open my windows and let that fresh spring air in - without freezing.  I decided to do a little change up in our room.  Check this out.

This is the way our bed looked before Christmas.  During the holiday season, I added stockings on the end of the bed and also some Christmas pillows.  

This is how it looks now!!!  Fun change huh??
I purchased a new bedspread at ShopKo.  I looked at a few other places, but couldn't find what I had in mind.....until I saw this one.  It happened to be on sale for almost 70% off which made me love it even more.  I bought the King Size bedspread even though our bed is only a queen.  I wanted it to reach the floor on both sides.  I purchased some in-expensive tan pillow cases and kept the other two tan and red pillows I already had on the bed.  My sweet friend Amy (yep, the one who wanted her glider rocker back after she sold it to me - LOL) sewed a slip cover for the round pillow on my bed.  I have loved it, so I found the same fabric and covered two more square pillows.  I chose one more piece of fabric that is tan with black writing and covered four more pillows.  These were actually the same pillows I used at Christmas.  Amy showed me how to make slip covered for them, so I could re-use the pillow over and over.  Great Idea HUH????  I was able to sew the slip covers really quickly and threw them on the bed.  Big difference huh????
 I am loving it!!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric!!!
I think this language is french.....Anybody know?

 I used the same afghan that I crocheted last year and just draped it across the bottom of the bed at an angle.  It is a little creamier than the bedspread which adds a little contrast.  
 I bought a couple baskets (On Clearance - Another WooHoo) for our night stands.  It is nice having a place to through our little extras during the day.  I purchased some burlap with this alphabet design and made two more pillows covers.  I tied a small piece of burlap around the pillow and tadaa!!!  

 Ahhhh, isn't he cute????  This is my cat copper who absolutely LOVES my side of the bed.  He loves this afghan I made and sleeps there all the time.  Doesn't he look happy????

Thanks for sharing part of your day with us today!  Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you back here next Saturday for more of our ~Make Your House A Home~ post!!

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