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Monday, November 11, 2013

Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone!!
We had a great weekend and it went by way too fast.  Saturday morning I found myself lying in bed at 4:30 in the morning - WIDE AWAKE!!!!  How does that happen???  After laying there until 5:00, I decided to get up and get some things done.  So........ I Put up more of our Christmas Decorations.... I love to decorate every inch of the house for Christmas.  I started with the ~On The Avenue Room`, the Living Room, The Kitchen and our Master Bed/Bathroom.  I still have lots to do, but I got a really great jump on it.  (I am still paying for it, because I am sleepy..... but it was worth every minute!)

Today, I will show you the Kitchen!!!
This picture is a little hard to see, but this is our Kitchen Table area.  We usually eat at the bar, so this is a fun place to decorate.  Yes, that is a tree in the right corner...... Fun huh???

We have had this tree for years and I Love it.  It is a tall/skinny tree which worked great in our last home.  I thought this was the perfect spot in our new home.  I have always loved the color RED, so I use an abundance of red when decorating for Christmas. 

My friend Amy and I made all of the cute stocking last year!!!  It was so fun pulling them out again this year.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..... I love you in my kitchen!!! (hehehe)

This is one of the super cute tree skirts we made last year.  This one is made from brown, red and green burlap and also muslin fabric.  They were a HUGE mess, but Amy and I had so much fun making them.

 This was a really fun idea.  I have always tied small wreaths onto the back of my chairs, but decided to add bigger ones for the Christmas season.  I added red pip berries to each wreath and used white burlap to hang them onto each chair.  Don't you love it????
 I have a lot of counter space in our new kitchen, so I have added oodles of Christmas decor!!  I actually bought this cute Santa years ago and love him to pieces!!!  The Holidays sign was one we sold in our store and I kept a couple for myself.  I bought this small black lamp with red lampshade from Hobby Lobby for $10.00 - Yep Ten Bucks!!!  I absolutely love lamps!!
 We took the kids to breakfast a couple of weeks ago for Kylan's birthday and I just had to buy this sign.  Today I will be Jolly!!!  I added a Poinsettia plant behind the sign.  Beautiful! I actually am going to wrap the bottom of the poinsettia plants with burlap, but didn't make it that far.
Another Poinsettia plant for color....
 I added another Poinsettia plant along with a strand of Christmas lights behind my ingredient jars.  It reflects off the glass beautifully!!
I just added some red flowers and a cut Santa Cookies tin to my already rooster display!
 I LOVE MY Black rocking chair that is in the kitchen!  It just warms things up a bit in there.  I draped the white blanket over the back and placed my super cute Santa Claus comfortably in the chair( with a big old sign on his lap).  My girlfriend Amy made me this Santa last year and he is one of my favorite items!!!  I added the Believe sign and a burlap Candy Cane and tadaa!!!  Notice the North Pole bag to the right.  We made these last year also.  We used red burlap fabric on the outside with muslin fabric on the inside as a liner.  We stenciled the words NORTH POLE on the front, added a burlap box and bells and stuffed it with paper.  I actually have two small ones like this one and a HUGE one (but that will be for another day when I show my living room).

 Here is another view of our Kitchen Table and Christmas Tree!  

 Thanks for spending time in our Kitchen.  I will be showing more of the Christmas Decor in the days to come..... I just have to get to work now!!!
(Here's a sneak preview of the living room......)

Today's SALE ITEM.....
I love this item for gift giving.  
There's No Place Like Home.... Block
This block is 8" x 8" and is available in two colors.  Sweet Annie Green (shown below) or Bing Cherry Red - with white vinyl

No Place Like Home - Finished
On Sale - $12.00

No Place Like Home - Unfinished
On Sale - $10.00

To place an order for this
NO Place Like Home Block
please email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com or use the BUY NOW option above.  The BUY NOW option allows you to order and pay for this item using your Paypal Account or a Credit/Debit Card.  Shipping will be calculated on an individual basis and billed through Paypal.  Orders will be ready for pickup/shipment 10 business days after order is placed!!! ORDER QUICKLY!!!

We will post our drawing winner tomorrow.......
Stay Tuned!


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