Welcome To On The Avenue Home Decor & Gifts. Years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a very old home and needed a lot of tender love and care. I had the vision of what I wanted and my husband was able to help me bring it to life. As we began building and creating items for our home, we had another idea..... What if we started our own business and offered our creations to others who share the same love and passion for decorating as we do. Here we are, 17 years later, sharing our creations and designs with friends everywhere.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Morning Friends!!!
Thanks for spending another day with us! (Well, actually it's just me!)

Not only do we post a SALE ITEM every day, but we also welcome custom orders anytime. If you need vinyl, a sign, furniture, holiday or seasonal decor or unfinished wood kits, let us know!! Check out some of the fun custom orders we have made this week.......
(We do have extra signs in stock!  If you need a gift or would like one for your own home, order now!)

Home Is Wherever I'm With You
16" x 16" - Black with white vinyl
On Sale ~ $22.00

You Are Free To Choose
19" x 13" - Antique White with Black Vinyl
On Sale ~ $22.00

I May Not Be Sign
19" x 13" - Black with White Vinyl
On Sale ~ $22.00

To place an order for any of these three signs, please email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com or use the BUY NOW option above.  The BUY NOW option allows you to order and pay for this item using your Paypal Account or a Credit/Debit card.  Shipping will be calculated on an individual basis and billed through Paypal...

Something New.....
Many of you know we moved into a new home almost a year ago and it has been such a blessing to our family.  Decorating it has been so much fun!!  It has taken me a long time and a lot of moving decor around to get things "Just Right" .  Things are coming along and I thought I would share some of the decor in our home.

Not only do we make all of the Holiday/Seasonal items, but we also handcraft everyday accessories, furniture and so much more.  Here is a sneak peak of some of some personal decor in our home.....

This was one of those surprises Eric gave me.  I Love when he disappears into the shop and comes in with something for me!!  
Forget diamonds, clothes etc.,  I'm always up for furniture!!  This is in the hallway leading up to our bedroom.  I love the frame with our kids pictures..... even if they are a little outdated. (Check out the lamp - Love It!)

This is Above The Stairs that go into the basement.  I just couldn't leave this space empty!!  This is an old rustic chair I bought at a thrift shop, painted it black and covered the seat in burlap.  LOVE IT!!  (I think the chair was $5.00)  I have added a rooster pillow (love roosters) one of our picture stands, a sign, basket and a few other accessories and Tadaa!!!

This is in a Corner Of My Kitchen.  I absolutely love the color red and try to incorporate items through out my home that have red in them.  I am a big fan of wreaths and burlap also.  The BE Grateful sign is a cabinet door we sprayed white, added the vinyl, the wreath and the sign and it is a favorite of mine!!  I have had the rooster for years - it was a birthday gift from my kids. (Thanks Kiddos) 

 I actually have a Laundry Room and I LOVE IT!!!  I had no idea how much I would love it until I had one.  There is plenty of counter space for folding laundry, but I used a little of it for decorating.  After all, I do spend time in there everyday and it really makes doing laundry much more pleasant.  I have several lamps throughout my home and love the accent lighting.  The laundry room is no different.  I bought a couple of glass containers that were very inexpensive for my laundry detergent and dry sheets.  Cute Huh?

The Living Room
Love this table and rocking chair.  It's a great place to read and think....  Remember, we build all sorts of tables, so if you have one in mind, send us a picture!!

 The Fireplace Mantel
In our last home we had a wood burning stove in the front room and we loved it.  I can't tell you how many nights we spent in front of it reading, doing homework, playing games or just sleeping.  It was wonderful.  We are so grateful we have a gas fireplace in this home.  It isn't the same as the wood burning stove, but it is WONDERFUL.  The mantel above it is a perfect place to decorate.
It's all about the family on this mantel.....  
If you are in need of custom frames..... we do that too!

Old Rustic Window Shelf
This was another fun item Eric surprised me with.  We have several old windows and he turned this one into a shelf for me.  He added some chicken wire on the top portion of the frame and left the bottom open.  Of course I had to add some rustic decor.  
Another item hanging in the hallway -
Do you have any old windows you would like something done with...?

One more quick picture of our Living Room.  This is an old door our friends gave us and it is perfect in our home.  I have added a big burlap bow with a twig wreath right on the front.  The Red Blanket Cabinet has been a favorite of mine for years and tends to move from room to room.  Another lamp, candle stick, twig ball and a few other accessories and once again.... I Love It!

(Let us know if you would like to add some fun furniture to your home, the possibilities are endless!)

Thanks for taking a little tour through our home and looking at the different choices our business has to offer all of you!

Have a GREAT Thursday!

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