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Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!!
We had a super fun weekend (kind of)!!  We started the weekend by having our Family Pictures taken on Friday night.  Talk about stressful!!!  Why do we make family pictures so stressful?  Seriously!!!  As of Friday morning, I didn't even know what I was going to wear.  How could I leave it until then???  After all, we have to color coordinate each other's outfits because we have to look our best right?  Thank goodness my friend Amy came to the rescue, raided her closet and sent me home with some super cute clothes.  Otherwise I may have been in my painting jeans and hoodie.  Ahhhhh!!!   Eric reminded me at 3:00 that we had to wrap up a big order because it had to be delivered to Ogden that night after our pictures.  By now, I am not in the bests of moods.  Our photographer (thank goodness she is my dear friend) was coming at 5:00.  So pretty much I had to wrap up all the orders and get Chloee and myself ready for pictures and we had less than two hours to do it.  Are you kidding me???  Once again, another angel came to the rescue.  My sweet mother in law jumped right in and helped me get everything wrapped so we could get ready.  By the time we actually started pictures, I was grumpy.  I kept giving my kids the death look (all of you mom's know what I am talking about - that look you give to your kids that tells them they better shape up or they will be grounded for the rest of their lives) during our photo shoot because my boys seem to become absolutely hilarious when they are together. The worst part is, they were REALLY FUNNY!!!  I mean really funny and I was trying to keep things serious and under control so our pictures would turn out.  Ahhhhhh! (Eric sweetly reminded me that the best pictures usually come after something funny was done or said and he was right)  We stayed at our home for the pictures and took most of them in the field across from our home.  Our sweet dog Oreo could see us and decided to quietly sneak over and join us.  What a fiasco!  Can I just say, we have the best Photographer in the whole wide world.  Mandy Bagley - WE LOVE YOU!!!  Not only did she take our pictures, but she entertained the dog at the same time so Oreo wouldn't get into every picture she took of our family.  By the time the shoot was over, I decided that I really loved my family again and I felt really bad for being grumpy.   We got some really fun pictures and I can't wait to put together this years Christmas card.  My kids may regret the fun they had during our photo shoot........  Revenge is so sweet!!!  This is the only picture I have right now, but I just thought I would share.  Thanks Mandy Bagley with Shooting Star Photography!!

Ok, so enough about our fun photo shoot....
How about a Christmas SALE ITEM?
I designed this block last year and it is definitely one of my favorite Christmas items yet.  
Merry Christmas Block
Painted Antique White with Deep Red Lettering.  So simple and yet makes such a statement.  The measurements for the block are 12" long x 6" tall.  We have distressed the edges for a most rustic look.  LOVE IT!!!
On Sale - $10.00 per block.......
What a great gift giving idea!!!!!  Order now and have on hand for those special family members or friends.....

To place an order for Today's FANTASTIC Christmas Gift, please email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com or use the BUY NOW option above.  The BUY NOW option allows you to order and pay for this item using your Paypal Account or a credit/debit card.    

Don't forget we SHIP!!!  
We can ship two of this item anywhere in the United States (other than Alaska and Hawaii) for $12.00.   If you have any shipping questions, please email us at the above email address.

We have a super fun DRAWING ITEM that will be posted Tomorrow!!!!  We have teamed up with 
Once Upon A Tree and they are donating an item for our drawing tomorrow.  DON'T MISS OUT!!!  Make sure you check back tomorrow for our exciting drawing item and winner from last week.

Have a super great day!

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