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Monday, May 11, 2015

Well Helllooooo Everyone!  
Happy Monday and I can't believe another weekend is behind us.  It was another busy, but great one.  My boys had another High School Rodeo this weekend.  Chloee and I stayed home for this one.  Hours in the rain just didn't sound fun............... so we decided to have a girls night out Friday and went to dinner and the movie ~Cinderella~ (in the theatre).  It was so much fun.  There was a group of us that went (sister, sister in law, mother, sister's mother in law and cousin) Loved the movie and the popcorn fight in the parking lot after was a blast also!  LOL  Who knew it was so hard to catch popcorn in your mouth when the wind is blowing....  WE  KNOW NOW!!!  A Big HUGE thanks to everyone who went with us.  I just love family!!

Ky and Ghavan both shot trap and Ghavan roped.  And GUESS WHAT???? Ky took 2nd place and won this beautiful belt buckle!!!  

He missed his first 3 shots which was a little shocking for all of us....... But THEN..... he hit 22 clay pigeons in a row.  Then..... 25 more which put him in a shoot off.  And once again 25 more clay piegons were blown to pieces.  (Wow, that is 72 in a row.... AWESOME!!).  They then had to back up several feet and start the process over.  Ky finally dropped a couple and ended up taking 2nd place.  The great thing about this is his buddy is the one that took 1st!  Congratulations Colter and woohoo for the Bridgerland Rodeo Club!!!!  We are proud of you both!!!

Ghavan caught again which was awesome! 
 He is working hard and getting better every week.  What a great way of life.
Look who slept in the horse trailer and listened to trains all night......  (Whew, not me!!)
And Mother's Day was awesome!  Spent time at church and ate a DELICIOUS home cooked meal by my sweetie!!!  Mashed Potatoes, steak, shrimp and rolls.  DELICIOUS!!!  Just so much to be thankful for!!!

Ok, now down to business.......  We have a super lucky winner from last week's drawing.  Remember the Super Cute Calendar Holder/Wreath Frame????  
Congratulations To Jackie Peterson!!!!!
Woohoo - Jackie - shoot me an email and let me know which color you would like.  

Today's Drawing Item is FANTASTIC!!!  Who wouldn't love a $25.00 Gift Card to On The Avenue.  Spend it on our $10.00 Tuesday items or come to our ~Make It With Mandy" Craft night.  So much fun to be had.  If you would like your name entered into our drawing..... please email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com and tell us your favorite color to decorate with.  Good Luck To You All!!! 

No $10.00 Tuesday tomorrow!!!
We will not be having our $10.00 Tuesday tomorrow.  My Chloee Bug is racing in the Wellsville Mile tomorrow and I can't wait to watch her.  Good Luck Chloee!!!

Have a great day!

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