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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 28th
Good Morning - the Sunshine is BEAUTIFUL this morning!! Welcome to our ~Make Your House A Home~ Saturday post. I have a fun idea to share with you that is very in-expensive, quick and easy. I wanted a little change in our kitchen, so I purchased some glass jars for the ingredients we use when baking. Before I went to the store, I made a list of all the different ingredients I had so I would know which sizes I needed to purchase. Because I "LOVE" Roosters, I printed some great rooster pictures onto some "Lazertran Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper" (Coolest stuff ever, if you would like more info about it, let me know!) I transferred the pictures onto the glass jars.

The jars below have Pasta, Popcorn and the one on the left has Chocolate Chips. Chloee has always called them "Choppit Chips" so that is how I cut the vinyl for that jar..... Choppit Chips. It personalized it for our home and the kids got a kick out of it, especially Chloee!

I found a stylish font that fit the look of my kitchen and cut all the different labels from black vinyl. It took a few minutes to place the rooster pictures and vinyl onto the jars and Walaaaaa.... Take a peak at these large containers I used for our Brown Sugar, Sugar and Oats.

I purchased a larger container for the flour and placed a large Rooster picture on this one. I realy love the way they turned out.

I purchased small matching containers for the Soda, Powder, Pepper and Salt. After we brought these home, we decided we wanted the smaller ones for the other spices we use.

Remember.... We can cut the vinyl for you if you decide to try this fun idea in your kitchen. Thank you for joining us today and we will see you back here on Monday for a new drawing winner, a new drawing item and of course..... Another SALE Item. ~Enjoy Your Weekend~ Mandy

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