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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, February 25th
Welcome to our ~Make Your House A Home~ post today. Every Saturday we post different ways we have decorated our home and other friend's homes. We have had a great response from many of you. Thank you for enjoying our posts and we look forward to sharing many more.
I absolute love benches!!! I have to admit that we don't sit on most of ours.... because I love to decorate them! I have had benches in our Master Bedroom, in the Washroom, the Family Room and the Porch. I love having them all different colors and usually the more rustic the more I love them. This post is going to show several different benches we have built. If you are looking for a bench for a certain area, we can always built it to the measurements you need.
This first bench is a Sleigh Bench. I have always loved this style. I always try to place a quilt, throw or pillow on a bench when I am decorating it. It adds a soft touch to each bench. I also placed one of our 5X7 frames on this bench. The saying on this frame is LOVE, Forever & Always. Perfect for a master bedroom.
This next Friendship Bench does not have a back on it. It has a solid base for sitting and two arm rests. This is perfect next to a wall and super fun to decorate..... Don't you love this Sweet Annie Green Color? Very warm and welcoming.
The next couple of benches were made for the outdoors. We actually used a different type of wood, paint and finish so they would last longer in the elements. These two High Back Beadboard Benches are very similar. The bench in the top picture is actually quite larger than the lower picture. The second picture (with the wreath hanging on it) was custom built for a certain area in an outside entry way. That is one GREAT thing about having us build your items, we can customize to your needs.
I love the look of the wreath hanging on the edge of the bench!
This Southern Bench is on my front porch. At the time this picture was taken, it was decorated for the 4th of July. It is really easy to decorate a bench for each holiday and season. It is usually a small area and doesn't take a lot to create a fun display. (The sunshine in this picture sure looks beautiful!!!)
This next bench is a Headboard Bench. A friend of ours brought us this headboard and we made it into a bench. Pretty cool huh? Another great friend of mine brought us the headboard she had as a little girl. We turned that into a bench and she now has it displayed in her home.
These next three benches were also made from headboards. I have posted these in previous posts, but had to include them in our Benches Post today. We have mentioned that we can paint our furniture almost any color you would like. Another great idea is putting a stain finish over top of the painted items. It give it a really beautiful, rustic look. You can see the stain finish we have placed over this blue paint. Love It!!
As you can see I have decorated all of these benches with different items. Like I mentioned before, I always add a quilt, a pillow or something with fabric to soften the bench. I have placed clocks, pictures, thoughts, twig balls, candles, flower arrangements and so much more on these benches. I love creating new displays through out my home by just moving things I already have.
We have built several benches and will be selling them on our blog. If we have made them from old headboards, they will be one of a kind benches (which is always fun)!
Thank you for sharing part of your Saturday with us for our ~Make Your House A Home~ post here at On The Avenue. Good Luck with your decorating and please remember we would love to help you make your house a home.
Thanks again,
On The Avenue
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