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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well Hello and Welcome To ~Make Your House A Home~.  This is our Saturday post where we share the things that ~Make Our House A Home~. So life around here is pretty crazy as I am sure it is in all of your homes too.  I haven't had time to create any fun projects to add to this post, so I thought I would share some  really great pictures of wreaths.  I LOVE wreaths.  I have round wreaths hanging in all of the windows in our living room and our bedroom.  I also hung some LARGE Round Wreaths in front of my windows on the porch.  Here are so fun ideas I have found online................What did we do without Pinterest???

I absolutely love these three wreaths hanging on this mirror.  The ribbon is beautiful and simple.  

Here is another Wreath in front of a mirror.  
You know.... I just may have to do something like this in my home......

Ok, so I know we aren't really digging this cool weather or the snow that keeps showing up randomly, but this is simply beautiful.......  Love the wreath!!!

Enough Snow...... Let's move on to Spring.
This Wreath is simple and beautiful!!  This would be darling in a little girls room.

I have all the fabric to make a wreath similar to this, but haven't had the time to make it yet.  I will post a picture when I get it done......

I love the idea of three wreaths hung on a door.  I have seen this done a Christmas Time with beautiful pine wreaths.  Beautiful......

It doesn't always have to be a round wreath.....

Thank you for "Hanging" with us today!
(clever huh?) 
Have a wonderful weekend!!


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