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Friday, March 6, 2015

Good Friday Morning Everyone!!!
Oh My Goodness, we have a super busy weekend with our kiddos.  Ghavan's first rodeo started yesterday and we spent the day in Ogden watching him.  Ok, we actually only watched him for 2 minutes, but we watched a lot of other high school kids for the rest of the day.  It was Ghavan's first time team roping at an actual "Rodeo" and well,  his horse didn't like the barrier.  He tried to jump it.  Hmmmmm, for any of you who do not know (because until yesterday I didn't) the barrier is the rope that the horse runs through when they are chasing the steer.  Needless to say, we are chalking up yesterday as a learning experience and Woohoo For Today!!!  Let's hope for a catch!!  (Love You Ghav)

My Ky has prom tomorrow (his first one!!) and we are hosting the dinner here.  Yep, Eric and I are cooking for the kids.  Hmmmmmm,  whew.... not even sure what to say about that except I am really glad Eric is helping me.  I am more of a baker..... he is a better cook.  Hopefully it is a total success.  (Love You Ky!)

We will also be working on all of those $10.00 Tuesday orders.  Holy Smack!!!!!  Busy, Busy Weekend.

Sunday we are going to church and then sleeping the rest of the day!  LOL  

Ok, enough about our crazy life.  How about a Friday freebie.  When you purchase today's SALE ITEM, you will receive a freebie!!!!  

Today's SALE ITEM is Super Cute For the Easter season!!
Hop On In Ad Rest Your Tail Sign
20" x 10"
On Sale For $24.00

And Today's FREEBIE is this super cute bunny block.
5" x 3" - scrapbook paper, vinyl and tulle.

To place an order for Today's SALE ITEM and Freebie, please email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com or use the BUY NOW option above.  The BUY NOW option allows you to order and pay for this item using your Paypal Account or a credit/debit card.  

Have a Super Fantastic Weekend and we will see you back here on Monday - I wonder who our drawing winner will be???

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