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Monday, May 13, 2013

Check Out These Treasures.......
My dear friend Amy is selling some fantastic treasures!!!  I already bought some for myself and told her I would post pictures of the items available here on our blog.  They are hoping to sell everything as soon as possible to help pay for her mother-in-law's medical bills.  Her mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and has a lot of medical bills from the treatments she is receiving.  Amy is selling all of this at a FANTASTIC price.  There is a limited amount, so you will want to contact her as quickly as possible if you are interested.  If you are interested in any of these items, please call Amy at 435-760-7305.

Antique Ice Cream Canisters
Imagine what you could do with these.....
I have added a burlap bow and placed it on the table on my front porch.
These are 3' tall - Sweet!
She is selling these for $10.00 Each
This really is a Steal!
(She has 30 of these available)

Wire Baskets
These are my favorite!
Imagine the possibilities with these baskets.  They are really sturdy - perfect for any decorating inside or outside.
These baskets are 25" Long x 9" Tall
I added a little burlap fabric around this basket for fun.  Looks great Huh???
(She has 10 of these available)

These next items are awesome.  Check out these old milk bottles.  These bottles are almost 9" tall.  She is asking $5.00 each...... 
(She has 90 of these available)
I can't wait to put a basket of these above my cabinets in the kitchen.

Again, if you are interested in any of these items, please give Amy a call (at the above number) or text her.  

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