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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Good Morning Friends!!!  
We missed our Friday Freebie last week and yesterday apparently didn't happen either.  But no worries, we will catch up on everything today!!  

We had the best weekend!!  Our Ky is in the FFA organization at his school and has loved it this year.  He and a buddy decided to participate in the FFA talent portion of the State Convention on Friday night.  They have spent hours practicing their guitar playing and singing  "Night At The County Fair" by Chris Ledoux and I have loved hearing them over the past few weeks.  We were super excited the convention was here at Utah State because that meant we could be those nerdy parents who just had to be there to watch their son perform in front of his peers.  (I was the "girl" in the back ground screaming, but I'm not going to tell him it was me).  It was AWESOME!!!  Crazy enough he and his buddy won the talent contest and have the opportunity to complete at the national competition in the fall.  It was a great experience for him and we loved watching him perform.  If I was smart enough to post a You Tube video here on this blog, I would add the video of his performance.  Unfortunately.....  I'm not!!

Then Saturday began the weekend celebration of Chloee's 9th birthday (which was actually on Sunday).  She couldn't quite decide what she wanted to do for her little birthday party.  My kids don't have birthday parties every year, in fact they have only had a few over the years, but Chloee really wanted to do something with a couple of friends this year.  She thought about ice skating (but I can't skate without my ankles wanting to fall off), she wanted to swim (hahahahaha, like I am going to get into a swimming suit) so we decided on the JUMP ZONE!  Me jumping on a trampoline is no more attractive than me in a swimming suit, but at least my body would be covered right???  Oh my heck!!!  It was a TOTAL BLAST!  We had more adults there than kids and it was awesome.  You could sure tell who the old people were half way through our hour of jumping.  I just couldn't have imagined how much fun we would have.  We came back to our house and had pizza, cake and ice cream after (we had to gain those calories back from jumping - heaven forbid we loose calories and not put them back on!!)  It was just an amazingly fun weekend.  We begged Chloee to stay 8 and not turn 9, but she said she couldn't do it.  I told her that was ok..... as long as she stays 9 now and doesn't turn 10.  ................Where is the time going?  I love you my dear family...  (By the way, my body is still pretty sore! LOL)

How about a SALE ITEM today?????
Check out this Fantastic 
Table Box
This box is 12" x 12" x 6" Tall and comes with a false front drawer on the front.  This is perfect for all those cell phones, keys, and other "JUNK" that gets tossed on the kitchen counter.  Perfect for diapers on a changing table or place on a table and fill with twig balls or candles.  This Table Box is available in Sweet Annie Green (shown in picture), Antique white, Bing Cherry Red, Burnt Umber Brown, Turquoise and Black.  
On Sale ~ $26.00 ~ Finished
To place an order for this darling Table Box, please email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com or use the BUY NOW option above.  The BUY NOW option allows you to order and pay for this item using your Paypal Account or a Credit/Debit Card.  Shipping is available and will be calculated on an individual basis and billed through Paypal.

~Debbie Flemming!~
You are the winner of last week's drawing item!
Send me an email and we can set up a time for you to pick this up - ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com 

Today's Drawing Item is Super Cute!
Daisy Door Hanger
16" x 16"
Retail Value - $24.00
If you would like your name entered into our drawing, please leave a comment on this post or email us at ontheavenuelogan@gmail.com .


~See you here tomorrow~


  1. I am loving your stuff - just my style! I am super excited for spring and that daisy door hanger would be perfect!!!