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Saturday, March 10, 2012

~Welcome to ~Make Your House A Home~ where we share ideas that we have used to decorate our own home and in some of our friends & families homes. If any of you have fun ideas you have used in your homes, PLEASE take pictures and email them to us. We would love to see them and would love to share them with all of our blog friends if you wouldn't mind.
Another fun decor item we love using is ~Wreaths~. I love taking a very simple twig wreath and adding berries and fabric. I also love keeping the round wreaths simple and hanging them with a piece of burlap fabric. Burlap is very in style right now and can be used in so many different ways. I have see everything from pillows, to table cloths and so much more. It comes in many different colors such as brown, tan, deep red and green. Great for me because those are the colors in our home, so it works well with our decor.
We have the "Old Style" doors throughout our house and I wanted to dress them up a little bit. I took a piece of Green Burlap Fabric & Hung These Round Twig Wreaths on each door. It really warmed up our home and only took me a few minutes!!
This is a very simple idea.... I already have tan and brown towls hanging in my bathroom for decor. I have placed a fabric runner in front of the towels. I then took some ~Tan Burlap Fabric & Tied The Wreath To The Fabric Runner. It is super cute, simply and fast!!
This is an open wall in my kitchen that we attached beadboard to. I have always wanted something there and love the idea of this Large Twig Wreath with a Tan Burlap Handle. It is so simple, yet made a huge impact in our kitchen! Love It!!!
This Round Wreath with Knob Berries turned out really cute!! The knob berries were 12" Long picks. I took three of them, wrapped them around the wreath, attached a tan burlap piece of fabric and Wallaaa~ It is beautiful!!
Many of you have seen this wreath and many of you have one of these wreaths. This is a 15" Twig Wreath w/Berries. We order the wreaths from a place in California and the Berries come from the mid-west. We add the berries to these wreaths and they are fantastic!!! I used a small black ribbon to attach this wreath to one of our Wreath Frames.
This Berry Wreath is the same idea as above, just larger! Rather than hang this one on the wall, I set it on a shelf. Super fun back ground for this display!
This is another great and inexpensive way to add a little fun to the kitchen or dining area. I attached a Small, Round Twig Wreath to every chair around the table. I tied them around the top of the chair which allows us to flip them to the front or backside of the chair. I used a green burlap fabric, but imagine the possibilities. A different color of fabric or ribbon could be used for each holiday or season. Add a spash of color by adding some berries or small floral pieces to these wreaths. Love This Idea!!
This Round Twig Wreath is hanging in my bathroom under a shelf. Again, I have wanted something on this wall, but already had a lot of wood items hanging on this wall. Again, I just added some burlap and hung this wreath from one of the knobs on the shelf! Super Easy and it softens the whole wall.
Thanks again for sharing part of your day with us at On The Avenue. We appreciate you watching our blog and hope you enjoy our product as much as we do. Have a wonderful weekend.
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